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Friday, October 5, 2012

Roy G. Bivolo Stands Up for Booster Gold was an online fan site devoted to DC Comics between 1997 and 2003. Though Fanzing may not be publishing new content any longer, their archive is still online, and it includes a rare interview with Roy G. Bivolo, better known as the super villain Rainbow Raider. In this excerpt from the interview, Bivolo discusses his encounter with Booster Gold (as seen in Booster Gold, Volume 1, #19-20).

David R. Black: So the bitterness over Morris stealing your work also contributed to the genesis of your criminal career.

Roy G. Bivolo: Yeah. I finally tracked Morris down a few years later at his art gallery's opening in Metropolis. I busted up the place, ruined the opening, and took my artwork back. Booster Gold was there, and I beat the snot out of him and his robotic pal.

DB: Booster eventually helped you once he realized the truth.

RB: Yeah. He hooked me up with a good lawyer. We had the pigments in my work and Morris' work tested for age, and surprise, surprise, mine were older. The courts ordered Morris to pay me full restitution.

Not too many guys would've helped out an ex-con, but Booster did. He's a class act.

You can find the original interview, in which Bivolo discusses working with Geoff Johns to fake his own death in Flash, volume 2, #183 at the Fanzing archives.

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