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Friday, February 4, 2022

Returning to (Live) Action?

You all know I'm not much for the rumor mill, but when the CW announced to Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday that actor Donald Fiason (most famous as a lead in the long-running Scrubs) will be joining the cast of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, they described his character thusly:

"The Legends first encounter this character at a different phase of his career whose golden years are in the rearview mirror. He is good guy deep down; his ego is looking for a boost that only fame, fortune, and glory can provide. While he claims to have been recruited to work for a mysterious time organization, he wasn't offered much of a choice in the matter. As an unauthorized time traveler with high-profile aspirations, he developed a mischievous streak and cuts a few corners along the way to achieving his dreams. He knows all about the Legends of Tomorrow and finds them inspiring because they are the kind of heroes who started at the ground floor, as opposed to inheriting their powers from an alien planet, a spider bite, or wealthy parents. But the big question is whether his respect for the team is going to be able to help the Legends out of hot water or get them into hotter water!"

If that sounds a lot like a description of one Michael Jon "Booster" Carter to you, know that you're not alone. I've seen several entertainment websites draw the same conclusion, and even the Internet's foremost Booster Gold reporter, Russ Burlingame, reports on the speculation at

So, will Faison be playing Booster Gold? Or are the producers of DC's Legends of Tomorrow teasing us? I guess we'll all find out when the finale airs on March 2.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Covering Convergence

According to, the website of the exclusive distributor of DC Comics in America, these are the two covers we should expect on Convergence: Booster Gold when it is released in April.

© DC Comics

The image on the left (Dan Jurgens/Danny Miki) is the standard cover and the image on the right is the 1:1 "Chip Kidd" variant using art by Jason Fabok from Justice League International Annual #1. (You can read more about Chip Kidd's utilization of "pre-existing" art for his covers at

So if those are the covers to Booster Gold's first issue, what is this the cover to?

© DC Comics

That's the cover that accompanied Entertainment Weekly's December announcement of DC's Convergence plans. We now know it's not the cover to Convergence #1. Is it a cover to another issue in that series? Is it a cover for Convergence: Booster Gold #2? Has it been replaced? Is it interior art?

I guess we'll find out when we get closer to April, but in the meantime I'm already missing Skeets.

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