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Friday, October 29, 2021

Enjoy Your Halloween

You probably already have your Halloween costume ready, but just as a reminder, dressing as Booster Gold is always an option.

© DC Comics

The above unidentified Booster Gold cosplayer was photographed by Michael Foster at DragonCon 2021. If that's you, let me know so that I can give you credit.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dressed Up Like a Million Dollar Trooper

My good friend Michael Foster (a Hal Jordan fanatic) goes to DragonCon every year accompanied by his 2 gallon flask. (Michael is serious about his partying.) This year he was happy return with these pics of Booster Gold cosplayers.

Note that like Michael and his flask, these cosplayers also came in pairs.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold cosplayer at DragonCon 2017 (photo by Michael Foster)
Booster & Skeets

Booster Gold cosplayer at DragonCon 2017 (photo by Michael Foster)
Blue and Gold

Great cosplaying, everyone. Thanks for the pics, Mike. Here's to Dragon Con 2018!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now That's a Fan

Pal Shag! of called our attention to this Booster Gold cosplayer on Twitter earlier this week.

Booster Gold at Heroes Convention Charlotte 2015

This is a cosplayer we've seen before. He's attended conventions dressed as Booster Gold for the past three years! He wore this costume to last year's HeroesCon and he wore the collared variant to DragonCon 2013. I love the persistence.

For the record, this pic was posted by @TrekkerTalk. Big thanks to both Trekker Talk and Shag! And unknown cosplayer, whoever you are, keep up the good work!

UPDATE 2015-06-23: The cosplayer has been identified Jay Tallsquall. Thanks to Pyynk for the identification.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day Cosplay

Booster Gold cosplay by Bettie Bloodshed

That's Bettie Bloodshed as Booster Gold (with cape!) as designed by lirulin and photographed by AshB Images. You can find more photos, taken at DragonCon 2014, at

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Is That Made of Real Gold?

Herbert Fung emailed me a few weeks back with this cosplay pic he snapped at Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo 2014 in April:

Booster Gold cosplayer at C2E2 by Herbert Fung

Thank you, Herbert. I still say the colors in that costume are more vibrant than in a comic book! (Check out those airbrushed abs!)

In related news, today is opening day of DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. There's always plenty of DC cosplayers at DragonCon, so here's fingers crossed that we'll see more Booster Gold cosplay pics maybe as soon as Tuesday. (Reminder: Monday is Labor Day, so no post.)

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