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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dressed Up Like a Million Dollar Trooper

My good friend Michael Foster (a Hal Jordan fanatic) goes to DragonCon every year accompanied by his 2 gallon flask. (Michael is serious about his partying.) This year he was happy return with these pics of Booster Gold cosplayers.

Note that like Michael and his flask, these cosplayers also came in pairs.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold cosplayer at DragonCon 2017 (photo by Michael Foster)
Booster & Skeets

Booster Gold cosplayer at DragonCon 2017 (photo by Michael Foster)
Blue and Gold

Great cosplaying, everyone. Thanks for the pics, Mike. Here's to Dragon Con 2018!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Booster Gold on One Dollar a Day

Presented as a Public Service Announcement:

Booster Gold cosplay idea by Patrick Dean

That's Patrick Dean's suggestion for a do-it-yourself Booster Gold cosplay costume from his website, My Half Assed Cosplay Ideas. I certainly appreciate the work that he put into this, but most people will need to add a wig — or at least a rag mop head — to fully capture Booster Gold's thick and luxurious hair.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Only Thirty Dollars an Issue

Last week in his interview with Vaneta Rogers for, Dan Jurgens said

Tell DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio you'll buy 10 copies each of every issue and that all your friends will do the same and you'll have a Booster Gold series in no time.

DC Comics has been as good as their word since promising to "Hold the Line at $2.99" in 2011. Therefore, you could expect to grab 10 copies of a new Booster Gold comic for $30 (plus tax). Maybe less, if your Local Comic Shop offers subscriber discounts, as many do. I know a lot of people who spend much more than that on comics every week!

So to make it easy for you to send the word to Dan DiDio that Booster Gold fans are willing to celebrate the Capitalist system for which Booster Gold stands, I've made this handy postcard:

Buy More Booster Gold

Just download the PDF, print it out, sign your name, affix a stamp, drop it in the mail, and start a savings account for the day when Dan DiDio takes us up on our offer!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'd Buy That For a Dollar

No one voted "team player." Is it any wonder that the New 52 Justice League International disbanded under his leadership?

Last week's poll question: Which soccer position would Booster Gold play? (36 votes)

Which soccer position would Booster Gold play?

I said yesterday that I'd be willing to buy two copies of each issue of a Booster Gold series if only DC would make one. I wasn't kidding. Am I alone?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Blot Sews Again

The Blot is as big a Booster Gold fan as there is, and he's doing his best to raise his children properly. By which I mean turning them into Booster Gold fans, of course.

The Blot's Booster Gold plush

This our second look at The Blot's collection, gathered mostly from I showcased the doll on the right back in November 2011, but the doll on the left comes from the Blot-recommended Etsy store of PlushKafe.

If you've got kids of your own, do the right thing: put a Booster Gold doll in their hands! The next generation of Booster Gold fans is counting on you.

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