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Friday, February 18, 2022

Calling All Librarians

OG Booster booster Shawn Baston recently notified me that he had spotted Booster Gold someplace I'd never thought to look: in the pages of DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia (Picture Window Books, 2013)!

© DC Comics
written by Steve Korte, illustrated by Art Baltazar

Skeets... classified as a pet? I don't think he'd like that.

I've updated the Other Media > Books section of the site with this and a few other books that Shawn was able to confirm, but he suggested still others that *might* have Booster Gold (or Skeets!) appearances that we have not been able to confirm. I thought I'd put the word out to see if any of Booster's other loyal fans could provide any additional insights.

All of the following were published by DK. Links are to the titles on for reference.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia: New Exclusive Pirate Batman Minifigure (2016)

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Visual Dictionary: With Exclusive Yellow Lantern Batman Minifigure (2018)

DC Comics Year By Year, New Edition: A Visual Chronicle (2019)

DC Comics Cover Art (2020)

The DC Book: A Vast and Vibrant Multiverse Simply Explained (2021)

If anyone can confirm or definitively rule out a Booster Gold (or Skeets!) appearance in any of those — or any other books that may not be listed on, please drop a note in the comments below.

Thanks, Shawn!

UPDATE: Logan Peterson has confirmed Booster's inclusion in DC Comics Cover Art, The DC Book, and DC Comics Year By Year. Thanks, Logan!

UPDATE February 20: J adds that Booster Gold is name-dropped in the Kingdom Come novelization that I didn't have in the books section, so I've added that, too. Thanks, J!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Comics in Five Panels

A few weeks back, Booster booster Eyzmaster and Waezi2 got together over at Comics In 5 Panels to discuss Justice League : Generation Lost. The premise of the site is to use 5 panels to recap a single series, but it's impossible to talk about the impact of Generation Lost without mentioning the New 52.

Waezi2: Even weirder is that despite Booster Gold being pretty popular the last couple of years before the Nu52, Johns made him... disappear. LITERATELY!

Granted, JLI was apparently not a big success, and Johns has a reputation for using C-List characters as canon-fodder to make them seem important, but when Frankenstein was cancelled, he was at least made part of Justice League Dark(can you believe how cheap DC is today?). So that's actually n52 in a nutshell: "Hey, kids! Sorry that you will never read about Booster Gold again, but it was SO important to make it clear how BIG an impact Superman and Wonder Woman making out has."

Bottom-line: third-stringers has no place in n52.

You can find the whole article at

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Booster with Love

While we're on the subject of things that I didn't know existed, let's add the Justice League International Postcards set released in 1988. I had seen the Kevin Maguire/Joe Rubenstein/Steve Oliff art on several occasions, but I was unaware of its source until I stumbled upon this 2006 blog post at

© DC Comics

The text on the back of this card reads "Born in the 25th century, Michael Jon Carter longed for a life of adventure in our own time. Using a stolen time machine and the advanced technology of his day, he traveled back to '80s Metropolis where, through self-promotion and shrewd investments, he became the celebrity super-hero Booster Gold!" That's about as succinct a description of Booster Gold as you're likely to find, fitting for the back of a postcard.

This 15-card set of cards cost $5.00 in 1988. Given the rate of inflation, a new set of cards would cost you $10.00 today. Likewise, postcard postage has doubled from 14¢ in 1988 to 29¢ today. That's still less than $1.00 per card, but not by very much.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Releases: The Ultimate Character Guide

At my local comic shop yesterday, I saw that DC had teamed with DK Publishing to release a new encyclopedia, DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide. Like previous printings of DK's DC Comics Encyclopedia, this book contains an entry for Booster Gold.

© DC Comics/DK Publishing

As you can see, the character designs on the cover (as well as the interior pages you can't see) are the up-to-date pre-reboot designs, including Wonder Woman's pants-suit. You have to feel a little sorry for DK: preparing a book like this takes a lot of lead time, and DC announced their sweeping design changes just weeks before publication. If DC is serious about keeping the new costumes, this $16.99 tome is already archaic.

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