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Friday, March 11, 2016

Everyone in the Pool

Someone at did a little doctoring to a Deadpool sketch and came up with this bit of amalgamated brilliance:

Found on

Say, if Access were ever to return to reunite DC and Marvel into the Amalgam Universe, who do you think he'd pair Booster Gold with? My bet is a 4-way combo between Booster Gold/Beetle Beetle and Power Man/Iron Fist. BFFs rule.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The DC Version of Deadpool

Last week, Dan Seitz wrote on that the DC movie universe needed more levity in the style of Marvel Comic's Deadpool. His solution? More Booster Gold.

That's what's great about Booster; he's funny and he often reflects our shallower instincts, but he's also a reflection of our ability to set aside the day-to-day B.S. and petty selfish desires when we need to. The fundamental issue DC has always faced is that their characters are essentially Gods walking the Earth. Booster's ultimately one of us, a flawed human being, and we could use more of those on-screen in superhero movies, especially if they come with smart-ass remarks.

Seems to me that we already have plenty of flawed human beings in super hero movies as it is, but we can always use more Booster Gold and smart-ass remarks. (Though these days, I suspect that the only reason Warner Brothers would put Booster in a movie would be to kill him off and give Batman one more reason to be angsty.)

You can find the whole article on

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