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Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeff Lemire Tells Newsarama: No Gold in JLU

Many of you have probably read yesterday's Vanetta Rogers interview of Jeff Lemire over at If you missed it, here are the important bits (so far as fans of Booster Gold are concerned):

  1. Jeff Lemire thinks Booster Gold is Canadian. (He's wrong.)
  2. Dan Jurgens does not. (He's right.)
  3. Animal Man/Green Arrow are the new Blue Beetle/Booster Gold . (Because Beetle and Booster were busy?)
  4. Booster Gold will absolutely NOT be appearing in his Justice League United series. (Darn.)

So, no reason to buy any issues of Justice League United, then. Thanks for that, guys. I'll be saving my money for Future's End, where there's still the chance to see my hero return to action.

You can read the full interview here. Thanks to ctalbot2085 for giving us the link in the Boosterrific Forum.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop Me if You've Heard This One

DC will launch a Booster Gold ongoing comic this June. Or so says an anonymous source told them.

Is this true? I'm sure DC is trying just as hard to get a Booster Gold book to market this year as they were when this rumor circulated about this time last year (*ahem*, *ahem*). If we just keep repeating it, one of these days we'll be proved prescient.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Vaneta Rogers Steals Rip Hunter's Chalkboard

There hasn't been a lot of Booster Gold news lately, but that hasn't stopped Vaneta Rogers from sifting through the bits and pieces we've heard to guess where we'll see our favorite hero reappear. She posts her theory in her article, "'Time' for Booster Gold's Return? We Read the Signs from DC." Part of that theory hinges on the return of Ted Kord:

After a passing reference to a company called "Kord Omniversal" at the start of Forever Evil, Geoff Johns finally announced here on Newsarama earlier this month that the end of Forever Evil in April would bring the first New 52 appearance of Ted Kord. And he'll play a role in Justice League post-Forever Evil.

So why does the promise of one character's introduction lead to thoughts of another?

Fans of Booster Gold call it "the Blue and the Gold" — the magical, oft-pairing of Booster and his former Justice League International teammate, Ted Kord. The two characters have a friendship that inspires loving laughter from their die-hard fans, and we guarantee that a reunion between the two characters would inspire fist-pumping — and sobbing — among DC fans worldwide.

If you followed those links, you saw that she links to this site as "fans of Booster Gold." That we are! Thanks, Vaneta!

Those three paragraphs are the most important (because they link here!) but if you want to know where Rogers thinks we'll see Booster next, you'll need to read her full article online at

(Thanks also to ctalbot2085 for linking to this article yesterday in the Boosterrific Forum.)

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