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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Greetings from Thailand

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, I present this Booster-centric t-shirt found on under the auction title "Mens T-shirt Super hero Skate Board dc man short W87 #M." (I found it while scouring eBay for "DC Heroes" for the DC Heroes RPG.) The seller, tamegems, is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and the item is very likely unlicensed. Booster would be pretty cheesed off to learn that someone somewhere was making money off his famous face without his permission.

Superhero t-shirt featuring Booster Gold on eBay

The art for this t-shirt is pulled almost entirely from a one-panel splash introduction for "The Origin of Booster Gold" by Dan Jurgens, Andy Lanning, and Alex Sinclair as originally published in 52 Week 24 and hosted on DC's website, Note the terrible lettering of the word "Superhero" cribbed from the "Superman" logo and the relocation of many of the buildings from the original to fill the extra space. I have no idea where those cars come from, but I think they make a nice touch for scale.

The Origin of Booster Gold © DC Comics

Despite that, I would have snapped up that sucker in an instant, but as is typical of international eBay auctions, the shipping was equal to the price of the shirt! Though the auction ended over the weekend, you may browse other wares offered by tamegems here.

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