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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Old New Old Release: Teen Titans Academy Vol 1

Booster Gold made only the tiniest appearance in Teen Titans Academy #4, but it was a pretty cool one.

© DC Comics

The headshot you see in the above panel originated as a Cort Carpenter commission (for his Booster Gold Sketchbook, 'natch) from artist Steve Lieber, and Lieber later incorporated the piece into the issue in that issue's art.

Steve Lieber working over Steve Lieber

If knowing that makes you also want to support Lieber's work, you should also know that issue #4 (and an even briefer peek in the following issue) should be now available at your Local Comic Shop as part of the Teen Titans Academy Volume 1: X Marks the Spot reprint collection.

Support your favorite artists!

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Monday, February 28, 2022

The Art of Distraction

There's a lot of terrible stuff going on in the world, and it's always nice to be reminded that there's some pretty great stuff, too.

It's only February and Cort Carpenter has been having a busy 2022 adding to his Booster Gold sketchbook. Most of the following were picked up at the recent Fan Expo 2022:

Booster Gold by Yanick Paquette for Cort Carpenter
Yanick Paquette

Booster Gold by Casey Parsons for Cort Carpenter
Casey Parsons

Booster Gold by Ramon Perez for Cort Carpenter
Ramon Perez

Booster Gold by Dax Gordine for Cort Carpenter
Dax Gordine

As an added Bonus, Cort also completed some matched sets of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle by Art Baltazar for Cort Carpenter
Art Baltazar

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle by Tom Grummett for Cort Carpenter
Tom Grummett

Thanks, Cort! I don't know how you afford all these commissions in this economy, but keep up the great work.

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Monday, February 14, 2022

I Love Your Sketchbook

Spend your romantic holiday with something you'll really love. By which I mean the latest pieces in Cort Carpenter's Booster Gold sketchbook!

Booster Gold by Ethan Young for Cort Carpenter
Ethan Young

Booster Gold by Ken Searcy for Cort Carpenter
Ken Steacy

Booster Gold by Phil Hester for Cort Carpenter
Phil Hester

Booster Gold by Gavin Guidry for Cort Carpenter
Gavin Guidry

Booster Gold by Darryl Banks for Cort Carpenter
Darryl Banks

I'm of the opinion that there is no bad Booster Gold fan art, but it actually hurts my feelings that the Banks art isn't the cover on some published comic.

Thanks for sharing, Cort!

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Kickin' It with Cort

Take heart, Booster boosters! Cort Carpenter has filled the gap of new Booster Gold art this week by sharing with us his latest sketchbook commissions.

Booster Gold by Soo Lee for Cort Carpenter
Soo Lee

Booster Gold by Bob McLeod for Cort Carpenter
Bob McLeod

Booster Gold by Ryan Kelly for Cort Carpenter
Ryan Kelly

By my count, Cort has now shared with us more than 67 pieces of commissioned Booster Gold art (many of which you can see larger on Cort's Twitter and imgur accounts). I don't know how he affords them all. Maybe he's a secret billionaire. All the best superheroes are, you know.

In his email, Cort teased the possibility that he may have as many as five new commissions to share with us before the end of the year. I think you'll agree that gives all Booster boosters something to look forward to.

Thanks, Cort!

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Friday, July 30, 2021

A Speck of Gold

On Wednesday, I showed you this panel created by Steve Lieber for the June 2021 issue of Teen Titans Academy #4:

© DC Comics

Seeing that panel, Cort Carpenter realized that the Booster Gold headshot looked incredibly similar to one he had commissioned from Lieber last year (previously shared with on October 19, 2020):

Booster Gold by Steve Lieber for Cort Carpenter

They do look alike, don't they? My first impression was that Cort's commission was a study used for the new work, but closer inspection makes it clear that Lieber used his earlier black and white commission as the foundation for the new piece of digital art. Just to make it clearer, here's a gif of the two pieces overlaid:

Steve Lieber working over Steve Lieber

Isn't that cool? You can even see where Lieber erased his signature when adding color. Cort's commission is now a piece of original comic art. How often does that happen?

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