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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Judging a Book by Its (Variant) Covers

DC just released its solicitations for November. While I don't normally read them (two things I hate: hype and spoilers), I did look through the list over at ComicList this time because I was looking for details on the upcoming Booster Gold collected trade. What I noticed was that 24 of the 96 separate comic books scheduled to ship in November has at least 1 variant incentive cover. That's exactly a quarter of all DC comics shipping during the month of November. That is a lot. In fact, it's probably too much.

What is this, the 1990s all over again? Did we learn nothing? Variant covers don't lure new fans to the already too-insulated specialty shops. And they aren't worth significantly extra cash in the long run. All they do is burden collectors and the shop owners who need to appease them to maintain their clientele. At this rate, there will soon come a Wednesday when the comic racks will look full but really only be a single issue of Batman between the two dozen variant covers.

Personally, I think that DC would be better served redirecting the money that they are paying artists for all of these extra covers into advertising these issues to the world-at-large. At least that way they could try increasing the market size instead of just creating shiny new lures for the already over-fished fans remaining in this shrinking pond.

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