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Monday, August 22, 2011

Skeets, International Man of Mystery

With appearances in Secret Six #36 and Titans #38, Booster Gold has shown up in a couple of series finales other than his own. In both of those issues, Booster's been on his own, his sidekick nowhere to be seen. So where has Skeets been? Having adventures of his own, apparently.

Batgirl 24 ┬ęDC Comics

This picture was seen in the final issue of Batgirl #24 as part of a prolonged drug-induced hallucination. Unfortunately there is no evidence that Skeets -- who so rarely gets to leave Booster's shadow -- has actually been traveling through time with the three Batgirls and having grand adventures with the Blackhawks in World War II. But just because we don't have any record of it doesn't mean it didn't really happen. Skeets does have the ability to erase memories, after all.

Issue writer Bryan Q. Miller clarified the page's meaning on his director's cut of the issue posted on the Tumblr blog DC Women Kicking Ass:

PAGE 15 - Steph [Stephanie Brown] never did get to have an adventure with Cass [Cassandra Cain] during the pages of the book - this adventure/vision finds Batgirl Steph and Skeets on an adventure through time to find a wayward Booster, joined by Batgirls Babs [Barbara Gordon] and Cass.

Thanks to Morgenstern in the Boosterrific Forums for pointing out this panel.

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