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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time for a Healthy Breakfast

Booster Gold has been keeping a low profile since Convergence. You might assume that's because he's been busy fighting crime or protecting the time stream or taking a nap. But the real reason is because he's been scoring new endorsement deals!

© DC Comics

Wake up with Booster Puffs Cereal! An all-new breakfast alternative for people on the go in today's DCnU, Booster Puffs are filled with some number of essential vitamins and minerals. Add to milk for a wholesome start to your day. (Booster Puffs contain some artificial color and flavors. If you develop a rash or hives, stop eating Booster Puffs and call your doctor immediately.)

You can get your own box of Booster Puffs in today's issue of Bat-Mite #3. You'll find a free sample at The issue itself is now available at fine comic retailers everywhere.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

What We Learned at Comic Con 2015

The big Booster Gold news from Comic Con appears to be that Booster will be appearing in a future issue of Bat-Mite []. We didn't need a convention to tell us that. We read Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews. Booster will appear in Bat-Mite #4 in September.

Given that DC just unleashed a slate of new series, we hoped that Booster Gold might have been discussed in relation to another upcoming title. He wasn't. It seems The Year of Booster Gold is beginning to lose some steam.

For the second year in a row, I haven't managed to spot a single Booster cosplayer among the thousands of costume pics. Not to denigrate the costumes I did see — the costumes at Comic-Con are truly staggering in both quality and originality — but two years in a row without Booster Gold is pretty bad. We can't expect to see Booster make the jump back to television or movies if he's already so far out of the public eye.

But hope springs eternal. The year isn't over yet. There's still plenty of time for DC to springs some good news on us. So bring it on, DC. We're ready and waiting.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

There Mite Be Gold Here

Look what Morgenstern spotted in DC's September solicitations:

© DC Comics

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by CORIN HOWELL
On sale SEPTEMBER 2 • $2.99 US

There's a new bad guy in town: Gridlock, the villain who's stuck in the past! And now, he's out to stop the future from coming! Booster Gold, the hero from the future, obviously can't allow that, but when he seeks Bat-Mite's help in finding this purloiner of progress, it doesn't take much of a prognosticator to predict that he's going to regret it.

Booster's first headlining role in the post-Convergence DCU comes courtesy of who else but Booster's proud papa, Dan Jurgens. And look: New Skeets!

You can see all the announced books (including the many, many Convergence collections, some of which contain reprints of Convergence Booster Gold) online at

UPDATE 2015-06-19: This is the second time in recent weeks I have accidentally let a post go early. I promise to try and be more careful from here on. So if you saw this post yesterday, please forgive this repost.

© DC Comics
JLA Classified #6

To make amends, I offer this bonus link to a Dan Jurgens and Corin Howell interview at about Bat-Mite. The interview is light on Booster Gold references, but not everything can be solid gold, right?

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Release: Bat-Mite

Convergence has killed the tyranny of the New 52, and humor can now return to the DC Universe!

Introducing Bat-Mite, a 6-issue limited series featuring everyone's favorite, uh, mite, I guess. Say, who's that on Corin Howell's cover?

© DC Comics

Booster doesn't show up inside this issue, but I'll give you good odds he appears before series end. (Dan Jurgens is the writer.) You can decide for yourself what you think by reading the preview online at

Buy this book and make cartoon Skeets happy.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

This Day in History: World's Funnest

Whenever Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite get together, things have a tendency to get out of hand. For instance, take their meeting in Superman and Batman: World's Funnest, released 13 years ago today.

When Mxy accidentally kills Batman, Bat-Mite retaliates by killing Superman. Things only go downhill from there. Soon they've destroyed the Phantom Zone, Earth-2, Earth-C-Minus, the World Trade Center (seriously), Jack Kirby's Fourth World, and Rip Hunter's Time Sphere and the Blue Beetle's Bug (both on the same page!). Even Booster Gold can't avoid the destruction.

© DC Comics

That tiny panel behind Mxy's hat above is Booster's (and Skeet's) only appearance in this issue, but don't let that deter you from enjoying this parody of traditional DC Comics stories throughout the ages, assuming you can find it in the back-issue bin of your Local Comic Shop.

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