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Monday, April 1, 2019

I Think Therefore I Am

DC Comics has announced exciting new plans for the artificial intelligences in the DC Universe, including Booster Gold's best bud, Skeets!

From their press release (via

Artificial Intelligence grows more powerful and integrated in society every day. Meanwhile, society is also becoming increasingly accepting of the LGBTQIA community. This summer, DC Comics will embrace both of these cultural paradigm shifts at the same time.

Beginning in ACTION COMICS #1015, the Kryptonian robotic caretaker Kelex and all artificial intelligences in our publications will no longer automatically be addressed by the offensive gender-neutral pronoun "it". All robots will now be referred to by the gender and pronouns that they self-identify with.

"Some artificial life forms, such as the cisgendered Hourman and Tomorrow Woman, do not need the support of our new editorial policy and will continue to be addressed as 'he' and 'she'," explained DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Bob Harris. "However, our publications are full of non-binary and gender fluid non-anthropomorphic characters, such as Booster Gold's futuristic sidekick Skeets. It's past time that we treat these characters with the respect they deserve and let them use the restrooms of their choice."

A brief, incomplete list of characters affected by this policy includes

· Amazo: identifies as male; uses singular pronoun "he"
· L-Ron: identifies as female; uses singular pronoun "she"
· Kelex: identifies as transgender; uses singular pronoun "they"
· Kilg%re: identifies as genderfluid; uses singular pronoun "ze"
· Skeets: identifies as agendered; uses singular pronoun "Skeets"

Heck, yeah! Robots are people, too! I'm on board for whatever they want to do... so long as Skeets isn't Canadian.

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