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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This Day in History: Planet Krypton

For almost 20 years, DC Comics has been struggling with the success of Kingdom Come. While the events of that series have now been shuffled off to an alternate Earth (thank you, return of the Multiverse!), for awhile it appeared that Kingdom Come represented the future of the regular DCU. The 1998 mini-series event, The Kindgom, changed that.

The Kingdom followed a band of heroes from the future as they traveled back in time to prevent the events of Kingdom Come. Frankly, its stories were not very good, perhaps doomed by their inevitable comparison to Kingdom Come itself. Though most remember The Kingdom for its introduction of Hypertime, there's a better reason for Booster Gold fans to remember it: Planet Krypton.

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The late 90s were a fallow period for the Corporate Crusader, and in this issue he returned to his roots as an up-an-coming businessman. Semi-retired from super-heroics, he's working to make a theme-restaurant celebrating Justice League memorabilia, Planet Krypton, a success. It's quintessential Booster Gold, supported by a healthy dose of writer Mark Waid's extensive knowledge of DC Universe history.

(Footnote: Despite Booster's best plans, Planet Krypton wouldn't last long. But then, it wasn't designed to. It turns out that Booster had a silent partner, someone named Rip Hunter, who had the restaurant built because it was centered on a unique position between timelines. It'd be another seven years before Booster and Rip Hunter teamed up again in the pages of 52.)

Planet Krypton is mostly concerned with the angst of a runaway bride named Rose and a tangential relationship with the "bigger" Kingdom storyline, but Booster Gold is the star here, a bright spot amid the rest of The Kingdom's muddled drek.

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