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Atom II (Ray Palmer)

The following list represents the 20 instances where Atom II, member of the Justice League, has encountered Booster Gold in the pages of a DC Comics publication.

For more information on Atom II, see here.

Entries below are presented in chronological order of release date by default. To resort the list, click on the column titles.

February 1989
“Across a Crowded Room”
2. Hawk and Dove v3 #1
June 1989
September 1992
“Together Again”
October 1992
“Brilliant Men”
May 1993
“Destiny's Hand, Part 3”
Early July 1993
“Blood Secrets, Part One”
7. Bloodbath v1 #1
Early December 1993
8. Zero Hour v1 #3
July 1994
“Zero Hour”
Early December 1995
“Seduction of the Innocent”
February 1996
“Merriment, Mistletoe, and Mayhem!”
11. Chase v1 #4
May 1998
“Weep for the Future”
12. JLA v1 #27
March 1999
“The Bigger They Come...”
March 2000
“Higher Learning”
14. Identity Crisis v1 #1
August 2004
“Chapter One: Coffin”
15. Booster Gold v2 #14
January 2009
“Stars in Your Eyes, Part 2”
16. Blackest Night v1 #8
May 2010
“Blackest Night”
April 2011
“Truth and Consequences”
18. Titans v2 #38
October 2011
“The Methuselah Imperative: Part 3 of 3”
July 2018
“Speed Buddies”
January 2019
“Drowned Earth Finale”




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